Adventures in Timeless Living

  1. Read a book. (Recap)
  2. Eat no meat for a week. (Recap)
  3. Write a letter. (Recap)
  4. Turn off the Internet. (Recap)
  5. Do the dishes. (Recap)
  6. Read the New Testament. (Recap)
  7. Early to bed. (Recap)
  8. Bake bread. (Recap)
  9. Buy nothing. (Recap)
  10. Sabbath. (Recap: Part 1, Part 2)
  11. Christmas, Old Fashioned. (Recap)
  12. Bedtime prayers. (Recap)
  13. Three square meals. (Recap)
  14. Old Fashioned Slumber Party.
  15. Old Fashioned Wedding.
  16. She’ll Have to Sleep with Grandma.
  17. Fast. (Recap)
  18. Dear Diary.
  19. Line Drying Clothes.
  20. Gardening.
  21. Carding Wool.

P. S. To keep a little mystery in all of our lives, I don’t publish the next adventure until it’s time to start writing, thinking, and living it. Rest assured, however, they’re all on a list, tucked in the front cover of my Bible next to my bed.

If you have can think of adventures that should go on that list, however — adventures I might not have thought to put there — please share them below! Until the adventures are published on the blog, my list is never final. It gets new adventures scribbled onto it all the time. Why not yours?


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