What It’s All About

I’m Rachel. I’m thirty-four years old. I’m married with four children. I work full time. My life is crazy and wonderful and crazy again.

I started this blog in 2011 as a way to explore and share a more timeless way of living. I was looking for something more than a steady diet of screen-based media and fast food could give me. I hoped to find and embody a more ancient way of being — a life marked by real and pervasive faith; an intimate connection to the natural world; a close-knit, multigenerational community life; strong family ties; a simple, virtuous lifestyle.

I had some good times along the way — gardening and baking, reading and praying — and I learned a lot, including the following True Facts:

  1. The more old fashioned my lifestyle becomes, the harder it gets for me to carve out time for staring at a computer screen. (This is a good thing.)
  2. Blogging involves lots and lots of time spent staring at a computer screen. (This is a bad thing, especially for someone like me that enjoys blogging.)
  3. A blog that is essentially built around a gimmick (challenge yourself to an old fashioned adventure, live it, write about it) gets old after a while, especially when my chosen lifestyle is making it harder and harder to find time to stare at a computer screen.
  4. Writing doesn’t come easily to me when I’m a mess on the inside.

Okay, so I realize that last one is a total non sequitur, but I feel as though it’s worth mentioning here anyway. All these True Facts, you see, are my way of explaining my flakiness as a blogger, and why I basically dropped off the map for two years. Reasons 1-3 are all valid parts of it, but so is Reason 4. There are lots of factors that contributed to Reason 4 — a broken ankle, a rough postpartum period, and some other stuff that I don’t need to go into here.

The good news, however, is that Reason 4 is now less of a problem than it sometimes has been. The better news (I hope) is that after so much time away I find I also now have quite a lot I want to write about on this blog.

I think I’m done with gimmicks, though. That is to say, I’m closing the chapter on my adventures.

Every day is an adventure, after all. The sun came up this morning. That was an adventure. My kids clambered into bed and snuggled with me. That was an adventure. My baby learned to climb Mount Toilet and empty the medicine cabinet. That was definitely an adventure. My life is overflowing with little adventures, and I suspect that my weekly-or-so posts on this blog will be full enough of adventure without my having to manufacture any.

Going forward, then, here’s what you can expect to find here:

Timeless Living

Field notes on gardening, music, family, and all the old fashioned lifestyle stuff I love.

Timeless Reading

Interactions with books of all kinds (because at this point in our cultural history, reading books at all is a pretty old fashioned pastime), but especially those that inform a timeless way of living.

Timeless Faith

Reflections on life and faith, church and Scripture, and old-time religion.

(NB: I’m a Lutheran Christian married to a pastor in the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, realities that profoundly shape the way I view the world.)


Now that all the prolegomena is out of the way, I guess there’s only this left to say:

Welcome to Life, Old Fashioned.

Whether you’re a regular subscriber (hi, Mom!) or just a casual visitor, you’re very welcome here.



2 thoughts on “What It’s All About

  1. Rachel…I love your honesty! I can relate to this in many, many ways. Here I am sitting at my desk…only one other office person even bothered to make it into work. So, I am on FB today. I miss my kids and drink coffee all day long, too.

    I just introduced my oldest daughter Hailey, to Little House on the Prairie. She can’t get enough. We have the books and the library has the first season on DVD. Boy, do I crave that simple life…although it wasn’t really simple…I find myself relating to the Ingall’s in so many ways! I guess that’s something Old Fashioned:)

    Anyway, continue to heal and “fast” in God’s everlasting love.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Stacie. One reason I started this blog was that I had a hunch that I might not be the only person out there feeling the things I am/was feeling. It’s always nice to find out that I’m not alone!

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