Snapshot: Harvest 2012

Ooh! Ooh! Guess what?! In the garden today . . .

Wait a sec, though. As keen as I am to tell you about this year’s garden, I just don’t feel right jumping feet first into it without first bringing last summer’s harvest in properly here on Life, Old Fashioned.

To make this ancient history as snappy and painless as possible, though, I’ll let my stockpile of photos do the talking for me over the next couple of “snapshot” posts. By the end, you should all be feeling up to date and ready to move forward with me into this glorious new growing season.

Ready? Here goes nothin’!

Mr. Hubby

Mr. Hubby keeps a diligent eye out for slackers as we all work frantically to get the last of the harvest in before the killing frost.

borrowed sweatshirt

Do you recognize that sweatshirt from the previous photo? As the cold fall weather closed in on us throughout the afternoon, the dear fellow quite literally gave me the shirt off his back. I’m afraid I may have gotten it a little muddy grubbing around in the tomato patch.

busy pixie

Isn’t this busy bee cute in her pixie wings and froggy boots? When the garden only has hours left to live, even the littlest one has to chip in!

The last day.

After a summer of more produce than even we could eat (we gave a lot away), the garden yielded one last enormous harvest on its final day. Thanks, garden! Rest well!


Not pictured in the previous portrait: the pumpkins. Six tiny seedlings took over half the garden and gave us . . . well, a heck of a lot of pumpkins. Many of them ended up feeding the deer when we couldn’t use them all in time. (This year, we’ve started with just three vines, and I’ll rip them out without mercy out if they start to get out of hand again!)

See? That wasn’t so bad!


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