Music Night

As you all may or may not remember, Sunday night is Music Night at our house. See, we like to make our own music . . . a lot . . . so a little while back, we decided to start setting aside one night a week just to make doubly sure we didn’t forget to do it regularly.

Intrigued? Want to make your own Music Night? Here’s our simple recipe:

1. Take 2-10+ eager adults and 3-∞ children. (If these small folk happen to come in varying degrees of willingness and musical enthusiasm, it’s okay. Remember: for some people, music is an acquired taste.)

2. Add assorted songbooks. Make sure they include an variety of standards ranging from Martin Luther’s “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” to Oscar the Grouch’s “I Love Trash” (and as far beyond as you like). You’ll really want a good mix here, for added zest and flavor. Go crazy.

3. Add instruments, including (but certainly not limited to) the following:

  • voice
  • piano 
  • guitar(s) (the more the merrier, really)
  • electric bass
  • banjo
  • kazoo
  • harmonica
  • egg shaker
  • tambourine
  • penny whistle
  • flute
  • tuba
  • recorder
  • drums 
  • xylophone
  • cymbals
  • jingle bells
  • chopsticks + mixing bowl
  • (I’m really not kidding: each of these — along with one or two others that I may have forgotten — has shown up in at least one family jam session within the last three months.)

4. Mix well. 

Really, that’s it. Each person takes a turn calling whatever song they like, and we keep going until everyone in attendance has had a chance to pick at least two songs.

Last week, our oldest chose the sweet little ditty below (which their Sunday School choir sang in church this morning to great applause) as her one of her selections.

Everybody now: AWWWW!!!!

And now, as I am most Sunday nights, I’m tired, and happy, and just a bit hoarse. (One of our songs tonight involved the lyric “Shout! Shout! We are gaining ground!” and I may have gone a little overboard in my rendition of it.)

So, then . . . G’night.


4 thoughts on “Music Night

  1. Awww! Very sweet! What a wonderful activity. A fun activity is to make egg shakers using plastic Easter eggs, the kind that pull apart, placing various small amounts of dried items inside and experimenting with the sounds. Rice, small beans, lentils, pop corn seeds etc all make different pitches. Then when you are happy with the sound, you can glue them shut. This would cover several areas of education, not just music and rhythm, but some predictions, measuring, small motor skills, plus it’s fun! Use a good strong glue to seal them or you could have lessons in cleaning and finding later!

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