Old Fashioned Vacation #4: Porch Settin’

First off, astute eyes may notice that I’m posting this series in the wrong order (#3, #5, #4). There is a simple reason for this. I can’t count. As you can see.

Second off, boy! am I ever glad I saved this particular post for a cold, blustery day in January. I’m grateful for any excuse to think about sunnier days right now.

You see, while we were in Oregon last summer on vacation, we found ourselves faced with some very sunny days — and a few other realities as well:

  1. There were four family birthdays to celebrate in one week’s time. 
  2. There were a large number of family members who wanted to be together to celebrate all those birthdays together.
  3. There weren’t really any living rooms big enough to hold that many people, and even if there had been . . . 
  4. It was hot, hot, hot, and air conditioning was scarce. 

So what did all those loving and resourceful people do? They did whole heap of porch settin’, that’s what!

Although my dear in-laws have a cozy, compact house, they also have an enormous back porch — and we put that thing through its paces during our visit.

We barbecued out on the porch, and we ate out on the porch. We sat around and drank light beer and diet pop from giant ice-filled coolers on the porch. We watched the children frolic through the sprinkler from our lawn chairs on the porch. We played board games and card games on the porch. We talked and laughed — and laughed and talked some more — out on the porch.

And as we were all sitting out there having a marvelous time for all those hours and hours, I found myself struck by how timeless what we were doing really was. In the days before air conditioning and swimming pools, this was how most people made it through the “dog days” of summer — by sitting in the shade to wait out the heat of the day, sipping a cool beverage and enjoying the company of anyone (that is: everyone) who was likewise inclined to put off any significant physical activity until the evening breezes arrived.

That’s enough words for now, I think. Why don’t we all enjoy a few photos of folks hanging out on a great big happy porch together instead?

Mmmm . . . summer . . . yum.





4 thoughts on “Old Fashioned Vacation #4: Porch Settin’

  1. Very cool little blog you’ve created, and a lovely post here, on the fine art of porch settin’. Reminds me some of the Andy Griffith show. They always used to sit out on porch in that show. Content it seemed, to slow their lives down for a while, and just tarry on the porch, and fellowship, whilst letting the world spin with out them for a time. And they’d set out there well into the evening hours, content and talking, nary making a move it seemed to leave the porch, for that would expire the moment perhaps, and nobody wanted that.

    Anyways, I like what I’ve stumbled onto here, and encourage you to keep it up!

  2. My North Carolina grandparents sat on the porch in Hazelwood and enjoy the cool of the evening, calling to friends and relation. (Hazelwood was made part of the nearby Waynesville). So my mom sits on her porch in the West, perhaps remembering…

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