Newfangled New Year


It’s me again.

Have you missed me?

Okay, I’ll go first . . . I’ve missed me.

In my defense, there seems to be a funny kind of Catch 22 dilemma that comes with writing a blog dedicated to old fashioned living. You see, the more old fashioned my daily life actually gets, the less I find myself glued to my computer, reading and writing blog posts. As real life eats up more and more of my free time, I find that I have less and less time left over to spend on virtual frivolity. That’s a good thing for me . . . but it’s not so good for either my blog or my faithful readers. (Hi Mom!)

Believe it or not, I’ve done lots of cool, timeless stuff over the last few months — outdoorsy stuff, artsy stuff, handicrafty stuff, wordy stuff, foodie stuff . . . other . . . stuff — but exactly none of that stuff has made it up here. I haven’t even finished that fun series of posts on my summer vacation, for Pete’s sake!

I’m sorry about that. I do intend to do better. It’s not that I’m dying to spend hours and hours online, but I do want to do everything I can to nurture the little community of like-minded old fashioned folks that was beginning to spring up around this blog before I got busy (lazy?) and quit posting regularly.

So here, then, is my newfangled New Year’s resolution for 2013: I plan to write something here as often as I can — daily, even, if I can reasonably manage it without going insane. (Have I mentioned that I lead a very full life?)

To do this, I’m going to broaden the scope of the blog just a smidge to include not just my various old fashioned adventures and their sundry aftermaths but also discussions of books (remember those ancient artifacts?), short general reflections on old fashioned living, guest posts by friends and family who are also actively seeking the timeless life, and more. (I’ll be making the “more” up as I go along.)

I’ve missed the blog, but more than that, I’ve missed the adventures. Some of the most fun, memorable, and worthwhile things I’ve done over the past year-and-a-little have been motivated by my desire to create interesting and inspiring content to share here. Do you remember when we baked bread? Line-dried clothes? Turned off the Internet? Wrote a letter? Yeah, me too. Good times.

So here I am, raising a glass this New Year’s Day to more good times and great adventures in timeless living. Join me, if you will.

Happy 2013. See you soon.


P.S. Who wants to do a guest post? 🙂

P.P.S. I really, really hope this year’s resolution lasts longer than most of my previous ones . . .


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