Go, Blog. Go!

So, apparently I’m not very good at this whole “faithful blogging” thing anymore. Wasn’t it just last night last week last month that I was promising a brave new set of weekly old fashioned adventures TBA?

Yikes. My bad.

Never fear!

(On second thought, it’s okay if you fear just a little bit. I don’t exactly have a great track record for reliability going at the moment.)

I’m currently in negotiations with two of my blogging housemates to set up a kind of accountability structure for one another when it comes to this whole “blogging” thing.

Actually, what I said was something more like this, “What do you all think about having a regular family blog night? It’ll be great! Like . . . a blog party! A big blog party! Big blogs, little blogs, red blogs, blue blogs . . . ”

Wait. That’s still not quite right, but you get the basic idea.

Whether we ultimately end up having a weekly family blog party or not, I am going to post more regularly.

(Okay, okay. You’ll believe it when you see it. Fair enough. Me too.)

I love this blog, and I hate to see myself neglecting it.


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