Happy Sigh: Nearly Better and Back at Last

Hey! Guess what?!

After two surgeries, two months in a cast, and almost six weeks of physical therapy, my formerly broken ankle is nearly better. I can walk. I can swim. I can climb up and down stairs again all by myself, even if I do have a noticeable limp on the journey down.

I won’t be able to run any 5ks for a few more months yet (major bummer), and I’ll be lucky if I can waltz (let alone polka) by the time Oktoberfest comes around. As for roller skating . . . nuh-uh. I still get wobbly in the knees just thinking about it.

Still, though, for all practical purposes, I am nearly recovered. (And by “practical purposes,” I mean that I can now do my own laundry, scrub my own toilet, and put on pants without falling over. Ain’t it marvelous?)

And hey! Guess what else?!

I’m not depressed anymore! In fact, I find I’m actually pretty contented with my life right now. I have lately even caught myself experiencing (with increasing frequency, if I’m being honest) occasional moments of – gasp! – radiant happiness.

Me. Happy.

I’d say it’s just about time for a few more adventures in timeless living, wouldn’t you?

I’m so glad you agree.

Here’s the catch, though: even though this blog has been on hiatus for the past few months, the old fashioned adventures haven’t exactly come to a screeching halt.

Yes, I did temporarily stop thinking up and assigning myself new exercises in timeless living, but I didn’t completely stop being me. In fact, I found that, in the dark days, those bits and pieces of old-fashioned-ness that have somehow worked their way into my  everyday life over the years were (and are) a great encouragement to me.

To  ease back into the blogging lifestyle, then, I’m going to devote the next four weeks not to new old fashioned adventures, but to old ones: to a few of the timeless pastimes that have been and continue to be a normal, natural part of my daily life.

Because none of these adventures is particularly novel or out of the ordinary for me, I’ll be devoting only one post to each, foregoing the “aha!” recap post that usually comes at the end of a weeklong adventure. (And now you know why I call this the “easing back in” approach.)

As I say goodbye again for the moment, then, here is a question to inspire your comments: can you hazard a guess as to which four old (to me, at least) old fashioned adventures I plan to write about in the coming month?


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