New House, Old Fashioned Amenities

Hey-oh! No, I’m not back entirely yet, but I am beginning to live in hope again. I have surgery on Friday to remove one of the screws in my ankle (a long, nasty one). After that, I’ll be able gradually to start bearing weight on my ankle and getting my life back.

To celebrate my impending recovery, I’m sharing a few photos of the house-that-has-not-yet-been-named-because-five-adults-and-three-children-can-never-really-agree-on-anything.

(NB: I could put up picture of bedrooms and bathrooms, but who wants to see that? Instead, these feature some of my favorite old fashioned, family-friendly amenities.)



Playhouse (rear view)

Playhouse (rear view).

Snack bar

Snack bar. (Yes, those are blackberry brambles!)

Path to the bog.

Path to the bog. (AKA "entrance to the mine.")

Outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchen.

View of the neighbors.

View of the neighbors.

Future garden plot / mud pie bakery.

Future garden plot / mud pie bakery.

Jungle gym.

Jungle gym.

Cocktail lounge.

Settin' porch.

Keep me in your prayers as I bring my long convalescence to a close this weekend. The next time I post here, I hope to be walking again!


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