Why I’ve Been Away . . .

My New Year’s resolution to post two entries a week seems to have worn a little thin lately. I’m sure you’ve noticed. I expect to be back — stronger, better, and more old fashioned than ever — in a few weeks, but I thought that, in the meantime, you might enjoy knowing some of the reasons why I’ve been away.

1. I’ve spent next to no time on my computer at home lately. It generally stays downstairs; I’ve been spending most of my evening free time upstairs — usually elevating my ankle in bed and reading after I’ve kissed the children good night. (Getting from upstairs to downstairs and back with a broken ankle in a big house is no mean feat — and not a project that I tackle without good reason.)

2. I have no time. You might think that with a broken ankle, I’d have tons of time to sit around and blog. Not really. Everything little thing I do — from getting dressed to getting a cup of coffee — requires twice as much time and three times as much effort and ingenuity as usual. Combine that with the fact that I’ve been back at work full time for the last three weeks, and I find I actually have much less “sit on my bum and write” time now than I did before.

3. I don’t write well or easily when I’m not happy — and lately, I just haven’t been all that happy. Some people can — and do — write better when they’re depressed. I can’t and don’t. Although I know that my spirits (and my will to write) will no doubt rebound quickly once my recovery is complete, in the meantime, well . . . you likely won’t hear from me quite as often.

Thanks for understanding.


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