Adventure 13: Three Square Meals (recap)

Greetings and salutations, dear Old Fashionistas! (Do you like that? I just thought it up, and I’m pretty proud of it.)

Life has been crazy here lately, and it’s about to get crazier still. While I’m sitting for a moment in the eye of the hurricane, I’m quickly going to throw together two blog posts this evening before the storm of chaos moves in again in all its fury. I don’t know when I’ll next get the chance, to be honest.

My Three Square Meals week ended over a week ago now. (Really? Can it possibly have been that long? I guess so . . . ) It’s all getting a little hazy at this point. Four observations from my week of gastronomic restraint, however, remain firmly stuck in my memory:

1. At the beginning of the week, I spent a lot of time being hungry, especially in the afternoons. That time between my simple sack lunch and dinner seemed like an eternity, and I was feeling distinct hunger pangs by the time I got myself home from work and my supper on the table. Heaven help the husband or child who dawdled on their way to the table once the meal was prepared — Mama was starving, doggone it! Thankfully, the late-afternoon hunger pangs gradually began to subside as the week went on, leading me to believe that their presence in the first place was a result of my pernicious snacking habit, not malnutrition after all.

2. Cutting back to only three meals wasn’t that hard mentally for me to do, nor was aiming for a healthy, balanced diet. Keeping myself to only one modest portion per meal was, however, insanely difficult. I cannot deny that I fudged on this a little here and there, mostly at dinner time.

3. Over the course of the week, something began to change in me. Not only did I not miss the snacks as much, but I was noticed that I was less inclined to overeat in general. What’s more (perhaps because my stomach enjoyed regular intervals of being rather more empty than usual) I felt much more physically uncomfortable when I did let my guard down and overeat. On those few occasions that I cheated badly on my portion restrictions, I immediately (and for some time after) regretted my transgression.

4. I want to keep eating this way  — maybe not all the time, but at least most of the time. I don’t know if I have the strength or the will power, but I mean to try. I liked having large chunks of the day in which I was not in the slightest preoccupied with what I was next going to put in mouth. I liked feeling like I was at last moderately in control of an area of my life that I have long regarded as hopelessly uncontrollable. I even liked feeling hungry now and again.

I can’t say whether my x + 2y weight gain problem has been at all affected by my week of moderation — I haven’t had the courage to weigh myself recently, to be honest — but I do know that I have felt trimmer, healthier, and generally less sluggish lately. That’s something, anyway.


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