Choose My Own Adventure

Happy New Year! Now that the chaos of the Christmas season is nearly over, I’ve finally managed to sneak off for a bit of alone time with WordPress. Yay. Thanks for your patience.

I’ll have a Christmas recap episode soon (I’m still, like Mary in Luke 2, pondering all these things in my heart), but in the meantime, I wanted to ask: does anyone have any New Year’s Resolutions to share?

I have two:

1. Be more disciplined about my recreational Internet use (and screen time in general).

2. Be a good little blogger and put up at least two blog posts a week throughout 2012.

I am aware that these two resolutions may at first seem mutually exclusive. Doesn’t blogging count as recreational Internet time, you may ask? Well, yes, and no.

I’ve become pretty thoroughly convinced that this blog (unlike most of my webby activities) is a good and healthy thing for me. Not only does it give me a much needed creative outlet, but it also has been helping me to reconfigure my (real, not virtual) life in a whole bunch of positive ways. Contrast blogging, for example, to the hours and hours I waste lurking on Facebook (my apologies to any of you I may have cyberstalked in moments of ennui) and, well, you’ll understand why I might draw a distinction between (good) blogging and (bad) most of my other online activities.

So yes — it will be a trick to balance both my resolutions. And yes — I’m going to try.

Now, on to choosing my next adventure — and for this, I’d like a little input from you. I have four possibilities in mind for this month, but I can’t decide which I want to do first. One deals with food, one with housekeeping, one with spirituality, and one with literacy.

Can you help me choose this week’s adventure? Just select the title below that sounds the most intriguing to you, and whichever has inspired the most votes by Tuesday at 6 p.m. will be the one we try first. If you’d like to leave a note in the comment thread explaining why one or more of the titles seems particularly interesting (or uninteresting) to you, feel free.

Thanks for your help. Stop by tomorrow evening to find out what this week’s adventure will be.


2 thoughts on “Choose My Own Adventure

  1. For me it was a toss up between 3 squares and prayers, and the meals lost because I’m not convinced 3 squares it necessary for good health, I think it may be a cultural carryover from when people (even children) did hard physical labor all day.. Prayers, I’m becoming more interested in the value of in keeping us connected to God, our faith in God and all the good things available to us. So—–Bedtime Prayer!!

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