Adventure 4: Turn Off the Internet

By day, I’m an Internet marketing professional.

By night, I’m an Internet junkie.

While I can’t do much to reduce my Internet dependency at work, I can do something about it at home. And perhaps, when I do, I’ll rediscover the gift of time.

It’s ironic, isn’t it? How can it be that I never seem to have enough time to . . .

  • read books
  • write letters
  • keep my house clean
  • mow the lawn
  • do the laundry
  • pray
  • read the Bible
  • exercise
  • spend time outside
  • play with my kids
  • cook proper meals
  • get together with friends
  • call my mother-in-law (Sorry, Brenda!)

. . . yet, somehow, I can always find a spare hour or two (or five) to play around on the Internet?

So, this will be our adventure for this week:

Disable the Internet access on all home computers for seven days.

We switched off the wifi at 10:00 p.m. last night, and by the time I fell asleep an hour later, I was already starting to feel some mild separation anxiety.

This could be a long week.

Are you keen to find out how we fared? Check out the recap.


4 thoughts on “Adventure 4: Turn Off the Internet

  1. Great to see this! I will make the extreme effort to get some letters written. I have been thinking about writing and our inability to connect with you all.

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  3. Very cool experiment. Got me to thinking about face book, and those kinds of sites. About how much time they surely suck from our lives. And more over, how I suspect deep down that’s not at all how we were designed to live. I don’t reckon we were designed to have 800 friends, and have to hear of their every move, nor them of ours.

    Your site is cool. Reminds me oddly enough of Mr Rogers. I had better explain. He once was quoted as saying, “Live simply, and live deep”. And I always liked that. Never knew what it meant, but I always liked it. But I think he was probably right. My wife just read to me how Jesus advised we let go of our possessions and follow Him. Of how no where in the New Testament does it say we are promised material things from following God. Kind of makes a fellow think that a simple life then is no small thing, but rather what we were designed for all along. I dunno.

    I like your blog!
    Carry on!

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