Adventure 1: Read a Book

I'll be reading this.

This week’s adventure: read a book, cover to cover. Not an ebook. A book book. The kind your grandparents might have read for fun before they got a television. Mega-props if your book is:

  • A literary classic (or at least not pulp fiction).
  • Hardcover (because hardcover books are cool).
  • One that you haven’t started reading yet (because that would be cheating).
  • One that you have never read before (but perhaps have been planning to read for ages).

I’m going to read George MacDonald’s Lilith. It’s not hardcover, but I’m sure the first edition was, once upon a time. My husband Ken will be reading Kenneth Bailey’s Paul through Mediterranean Eyes. (He’s a very good sport and will be joining me on many of these adventures. He’s also very ambitious. His book is more than twice as long as mine.) The two of us will be taking turns reading C. S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe out loud to the children. I’m especially looking forward to this.

If you’ll be joining us on this adventure, what book will you be reading?

(Anyone who attempts Moby Dick will earn my undying respect. I’ve tried to get through that book three or four times now, with absolutely no success.)

Happy reading! Till next weekend. . .

Our books.

Want to know how we did? Check out recaps of this adventure here and here.


5 thoughts on “Adventure 1: Read a Book

  1. A worthy adventure! I try to always have at least one book in progress; frequently I have two or three, or even four at the same time!

    As it happens, the last one that I finished and reviewed was Lilith by George MacDonald. Once you’ve finished it, you may find my review an interesting discussion! Also, have you read his Phantastes? It’s similar to Lilith in style and themes, but a bit lighter in tone (though no less deep). Both are wonderful.

    • Thanks for your encouragement, David! And thanks, too, for sharing your review. It has made me even more eager to dive into Lilith. I have read Phantastes, loved it, and even wrote a review of it on another blog after I finished it last winter. I’ve been a little nervous about following it up with Lilith, since I’ve suspected Lilith might be darker in tone than MacDonald’s other work — so much of which is so luminous and joyful — but I’m finally ready to give it a try now. The holiness and otherworldliness of MacDonald seem well suited to my quest to cut back on some of my more vacuous pastimes. That said, I guess I really ought to put down my laptop and pick up my book, eh?

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